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Expert support of transactions and negotiations

Cooperation with representatives of Chinese business can result in legal problems due to differences in legislation, translation difficulties, and insufficient experience in working with partners from China. HEAD-ASIA provides legal services in China.

Briefly about us

Head-Asia company is engaged in the development and provision of a range of logistics, legal, linguistic and related services, the purpose of which is to establish customer turnover. Our experts will allow you to comprehensively master safe Chinese retail with reliable partner support. The competence of Head-Asia employees is the search and verification of goods for defects, and sellers – for good faith. Sorting products, packing goods, transferring money, paperwork for export – this and much more can be done by official representatives of our company in Moscow and China. Take a step towards a well-functioning business, uninterrupted supply, and transparent transactions – write to us!

Our Team

For whom we work

The basic rule of our company

Customer focus. We have carefully studied the Chinese market to help customers gain new business opportunities and comprehensive support abroad.

Our company works with:

  • Private individuals. They include retailers whose purpose is a small wholesale or retail.
  • Organizations. Companies looking for a constant and time-tested partner are our target audience.
  • Big manufacturers. We work internationally, assisting in the procurement of equipment and necessary raw materials.
  • Companies-innovators. These customers come to us in search of ways to create a unique product.

Competitive price, a wide assortment, a significant increase in quality in an attempt to keep a buyer make retail with the participation of Chinese products one of the most profitable types of business. With the maximum simplicity of the organization, such pitfalls as dishonest partners remain, and with that – failure to meet deadlines, failure of supplies, the substitution of products. We offer the abandonment of a dubious manufacturer in favor of trusted Chinese suppliers, which means maintaining customer confidence and firmly rooted in a business niche. We quickly solve emerging problems thanks to the professionalism and high communication skills.

Why can you completely trust us?

Because of our company:

  • Respects the law. In our work, we take into account the norms of state and Chinese legislation, and our full-time lawyers will instantly resolve disputed issues if they arise.
  • Has its own offices in China. Not one, but three, and they are directly related to the country’s leading economic sectors.
  • Provides full support services. We will select a reliable manufacturer, we will purchase the goods ourselves, send reports, draw up and bring, taking all the customs nuances and transportation problems upon ourselves.
  • Practices round-the-clock information support. Everything is transparent with us – the client receives the photo and video of the purchased products almost instantly. At any stage, our partner is aware of what is happening.
  • Держит цены на соответствующем уровне. We do not raise prices, so both individual entrepreneurs with small turnover and huge corporations can afford to cooperate with us. Only $100 and one day to find a reliable manufacturer. Who can do it faster?

Do not want to understand the intricacies of logistics and read auto-translation from Chinese? Choose our services, and you can increase profits in record time. Remember that the success of your business with Chinese partners directly depends on the qualifications of an intermediary.

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