Business Legal Support in China

Negotiations with Chinese suppliers are often complicated by a strong linguistic barrier and limited knowledge of a common language. Pervasive differences in the legislation of the countries, the lack of experience in international negotiations often lead potential deal participants to discord. HEAD-ASIA will provide you with comprehensive legal support in China.


We advise you on any questions.


Drawing up a supply contract

Drawing up a supply contract will protect you from untimely receipt of goods and will help to stabilize sales.


Registration of a legal entity

Registration of a legal entity will save you from immersion in complex Chinese law: your reliable partner will represent the company.


Judicial issues

Judicial matters are the responsibility of HEAD-ASIA staff. We are always on your side!


Transaction support

The support of transactions under the contract will not put retail at risk.


Communication with suppliers

Communication with suppliers will prevent tedious correspondence and meticulous study of details. HEAD-ASIA speaks on your behalf and acts in your best interest!

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Legal support in China

Head-Asia company offers competent legal support in China. A qualified specialist will represent your interests in any matters relating to the conclusion of transactions, the resolution of disputes with suppliers, etc. Many years of experience in this area and thorough knowledge of Chinese law allow us to weed out unscrupulous manufacturers at the verification stage. Your presence at the signing of the contract is not necessary – we will carefully read the documentation, check it for authenticity, and study statistics on the seller. Legal safety and cleanliness of your business are a priority for Head-Asia. We check companies for financial stability, identify unregistered organizations, and legalize local documentation taking into account the export of goods.