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    Quality Control

    Head-Asia conducts a thorough check of the goods in order to exclude the acquisition of defective goods or to exclude interaction with fraudsters. Experts inspect permits, correlate cash flow, go to the place of production to offset any of your risks. Studying the seller’s reputation, his feedback and recommendations are also included in our list of services. Our specialists visit most of the places in person, providing detailed photo reports and describing in detail what they saw.

    Head-Asia representatives check products not only for defects: the terms of the transaction should be transparent and understandable to our partners. We will find for you the perfect balance of price and quality, backed by certificates. Acquired products will fully comply not only with industry but also with international standards.

    All in one company and no need to look for anyone!

    Air Shipping

    from $3 per kg - 7-10 days

    Railway Shipping

    from $1,5 per kg - 18-25 days

    Truck Shipping

    form $2 per kg - 15-18 days

    Sea Shipping

    from $0,5 per kg - 35-45 days

    Allows shipping of goods as soon as possible and does not recognize barriers and distances. Valuable, perishable and bulky cargo will fly safe and sound.

    An extensive network of highways seems to be created for the transport of large lots over long distances. Bulky orders and raw materials are the main “passengers” when shipped by train.

    An economical way to transport goods without the need for cargo consolidation. Due to the high mobility and reasonable prices comes out on top popularity.

    The low cost of transportation by sea and the ability to transport oversized cargo will appeal to those who do not need speedy delivery.

    Leyla Tursunova

    Good day. I thank Head-Asia for the prompt delivery of a large batch of rubber floor mats for cars. There were restrictions in terms, and it was necessary to receive the goods as soon as possible. Everything came a day ahead of schedule, and I am very pleased. Thanks.

    Yulia Tikhonenko


    We opened a restaurant in Moscow with a colleague and, accordingly, turned to this company. We ordered furniture, tables and etc. The manager is competent, immediately prompted and answered all questions. Delivery received on time. Thank you so much for your help.

    Vladimir Ponomarev

    Purchasing Manager

    We ordered workwear. First, a small batch to check the delivery time. I am surprised that indeed all the workwear sets were packed and strictly folded, but the most interesting thing is that I liked the approach to customers. In the future, I will contact you.

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