Storage in our warehouses



Head-Asia company provides warehouse storage services, which can be used by both individuals and legal entities. Specially equipped rooms, a modern security system and reliable protection against natural influences are the complete range of advantages of cargo placement with us.



In Head-Asia:

  • There is no limit for the delivery of purchased goods. Head-Asia will save for you both small and large-sized purchases, an entire batch or one copy.
  • There are no hard time limits. With us, you can profitably arrange one-time delivery, because the goods are in the Head-Asia’s warehouses for up to 20 days.
  • There are no intermediaries. Warehouse blocks are part of a logistics system where we do not tolerate outsiders.
  • No loss or damage to property. We equally carefully follow all the things placed in the warehouse. Goods are entered into the register and have numbers by which they are easy to find.
  • No delays. Thanks to an integrated approach, your cargo will be promptly shipped for delivery on any day convenient for you.

With Head-Asia, your goods are safe! We guarantee 100% safety and quick feedback.